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Naughty coed Quenna finishes his run and gives Thomas Richards a long kiss when she finds him waiting for her. Bringing it inside, she lets Thomas take off her brassiere and shirt, and as soon as she reaches her thong, she kneels down to suck him. Her soft lips work on his stiffness when Thomas keeps undressing her, and eventually they move onto the couch, so that Kvenna can really go down to Thomas’s fucking wand. Clutching one leg around Thomas’s knees, Kvenna sits on her fucking stick and slides slowly, Her pussy cream smears as she rides with long slow beats of her thighs. As she rises and positions herself on all fours, Thomas just needs to slip between her thighs to feel how wet she is before he finds out that she is ready to take her wounds. When Kvenna rolled onto her back, her hard hard nipples let Thomas know how close she must come. Her moans fill the room when he pushes his bald head, and then she knows it depends on her, to bring Thomas the same pleasure. Using her hands and mouth, she hits her lover until it explodes everywhere with a hot, sticky face.

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