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Cute coed Nikki Next wants her friend Preston Parker to really give it to her. She gives him a striptease to warm him up, smacking that ass and fucking a hole while she shows him her movements. When she finally pulls out her bra and panties from her very lean body, this hot chicken will not be responsible for the answer! She starts by pulling Preston’s fatigue and hugging her lips around her head so she can go to town, sucking her long heavy treat. Rolling on her back with her panties caught around her legs, she lifts her hips, so Preston can slap his cock into her hungry hungry hole. When she decides that it’s time for her to ride in her greedy snatch, she finally becomes completely naked, and then goes to town, pumping her hips, when she works on her landing, swings up and down her personal stick. Pussy pounding only that Nikki must finally get off with a moaning orgasm. Preston loves to see his girlfriend, who is straightened out under him, so much that he can not hold back another moment. He pulls out and tries to shoot on Nikki’s back until there are only a few drops that Nikki enjoys sucking off to finish his love.

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