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Hot horny coed Crystal Greenvelle can not keep her hands off her curvy ass and big tits. When Neeo goes to his topless girlfriend and finds her on the verge of masturbation, he knows that he has to help. Crystal quickly throw the whip down and bend over so that it can push Neeo stiffie deep into her juicy naked fuck hole.

After a few minutes of delightful getting her pussy pounded, Crystal kneels and pulls member Neeo close, so that she can suck on it like a Hoover. When she had her fill, Crystal takes Chad’s arm and leads him to the couch, where she spreads her thighs to enjoy hardcore Neeo attention coupled with its short breaks, to lick and lap at her pussy juices.

From there, nothing can stop this pair of riding on it. They use many items from a standing position sex Crystal riding her man, her own heels. Whatever it takes on a crystal cube, Neeo happy to do. When his turn to go out, Crystal closes his eyes and opens his mouth in preparation to face the sperm that drips between her lips, to act as a salt treatment and the perfect end to their fuck Fest.

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