Lesbians Having Sex on the Boat
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Beach kids Kali Renee and Melissa Young are adorned with bikinis and horned like hell. These two hotties are ready to fuck when they see in the corridor of their small yacht. Soon their bras are on the ground, when Marissa licks and sucks the breasts of Kali, and then raises her head again when Kali returns. When their lower part hits the ground, nothing will stop the two from each other. Kali soon finds herself in a chair, and Marissa floats above her. After a brief sampler of musky juice Kali, Marissa lets herself change into the floor. This allows Kali to make some of her own massaging pussies before the girls settle in a passionate 69. When they pull out a double-sided dildo, they are both nice and wet and ready to rumble with their toy. Working in tandem, the girls are first arranged so that each of them penetrates into the dildo, and scissors with each other. This position is ideal for pulling them each, although Kali soon discovers herself with Marissa, again feasting her greedy pussy. With joy returning to grace, Kali presses Marisa back and joyfully listens to Marisa’s long sighs from ecstasy, when she works with her talented language.

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