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Dolly Leigh looks hot as she covers herself with a massage oil, while her perky little breasts are not visible through her white shirt. Peeling her shirt and panties, she lies down on her stomach and takes a cock in her mouth Long Logan. Sucking stiffie while sliding everywhere and is the perfect way to get that juicy student revved and ready to go.

Getting on his hands and knees, Dolly squeals with delight as she slips in Logan slicked up pussy from behind. It is fully in getting her pussy pounded doggy style, but when she turned over on her back, so that Logan could spoon with it, continuing to walk on her landing strip snatch it feels even better than ever.

Rolling onto his back, Dolly reaches down between her legs to rub her clit as Logan continues its runway pussy towards the city of fun. After she finally reaches a climax, it was the pursuit, she knows what to do! Stroking and sucking Chubby Logan, Dolly keeps the party going until her lover did not put her face in her love.

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