Schoolgirl Punished
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Perky cutie Carmen Callaway wants ice cream, but it is not prepared to pay for it. Ice cream man catches her stealing tips to offset the costs of her dessert, and in order to punish her, he leans his mini-skirt school uniform and gives her a spanking she deserves. Then he takes her home, where her friend Chad White brings it in for a real punishment.

He starts things with the next round of slaps, are designed to make Carmen feel remorse for what she had done. Instead, he just leaves her feeling horny and ready to provoke him more. Soon, Carmen made her intentions clear stroking a member of Chad and kissing him deeply. She is happy to kneel and suck Chad, especially when he fucks her finger as it slides out of her uniform.

Going down on his knees, Carmen takes a rough pussy pounding that leaves her moaning her excitement. She alternates between the knees and back, as Chad shows her who her dad. When she finally reaches its climax, Chad gives her another demonstration of their property, taking out and covering her naked belly and fuck hole with ropes of his hot sticky cum.

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