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Girlfriends Anastasia Delgado and Angela Diaz take to themselves to sleep, but as the camera holds, everything becomes a bit mischievous. Soon the girls put the camera back so they could focus on seeing and getting each other naked. Anastasia first lost her peak, but Angela quickly watches both of her straps. Lifting Anastasia on all fours, Angela goes to the city, sliding her fingers up and down the heel of her lover, and then overturns the pussy of Anastasia Soka with her probing tongue. She changes places with Anastassia, so that both girls can enjoy the cream holiday, to both their pleasures. Then Angela decides to pull out the remotely controlled vibrator and transfer things to another level of passion. Angela may be the first to enjoy the toy probe, but she is not going to leave Anastasia. Lifting her friend on all fours, Angela strongly presses on the toy and works until Anastasia does not moan. When both of them are fully saturated, the girls crash back into bed to warm themselves in the afterglow of their love game.

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