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Teen Lola Bunny is new to lesbian love, but her friend Dana Vega is happy to help her. They start by taking off their shirts so Lola can learn how to suck the full tits of Dana and lick her hard hard nipples. Soon they go down to their straps, where Dana demonstrates how you can rub your pussy in the best possible way. Lola is a student who wants to learn, and with Dana’s leadership shortly before she bent over pulling Dana, sticking to the sweet nectar of her lover. Then Dana gets up on all fours to give Lola an opportunity to unhook her friend from a new angle. The pressure is perfect, given to Dana exactly what she needs to finish. Once Dana is satisfied with Lola’s practice, she rewards her love with a sour massage. Leaning forward, she runs the tongue up and down the greedy Lola slit, and then backs away when Lola shows her how she likes to achieve masturbation. This leads to some mutual masturbation, as the girls work with greedy breaks of each other with their magic fingers, leaving themselves satisfied and saturated.

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